Goree Island, 312 Years of Slavery on the coast of West Africa

Visiting Goree Island, a much needed experience, introduces you to humility. The kind of humility that beckons prayer for those before us, our ancestors. To their experiences of trauma, violence, inconceivable pain, rape, resilience, dance, strength, hope and forgiveness that runs in our veins - those of us descendants of a single consciousness - slavery. 312 years of slavery on that little island that now inhabits 1,500 local residents who preserve the stories for selling today. Seasons have passed yet much to little has changed. We still live in a world that chains black bodies, black bodies that chain black spirits, bodies that chain black bodies, minds, spirits, dreams. To be on Goree Island is to be introduced to humility, the kind that beckons forgiveness despite the continued pillaging of black bodies in Africa, in the Americas, in Europe and in Latin America.