100 days later and the abducted Nigerian girls have yet to be found. Heavy media weight personalities like Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie added their voice to the global #bringbackourgirls campaign that demanded the government prioritise finding the 200+ girls. Three months after the abduction, Pakistani girls education activist Malala Yousafzai visited Nigeria to speak with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, who reassured her that his government was doing everything possible to find the girls. The world connected with the issue, it put pressure on our African government (Nigeria) to at least pretend to prioritise finding the girls because the campaign created awareness to keep the issue alive. Here in Sierra Leone, we wanted to add our support to the global movement, to in some small way show support to the families of the girls, to act for girls, for women, to say that women's social, cultural and economic development matter. In some small way, concerned individuals in Sierra Leone held two rallies. We spoke on the issue to raise awareness in our country because we too care, we too want our girls and women to be protected, to be prioritised. 100 days later and the Nigeiran girls are yet to be located, but we continue to hold hope. We continue to hope they are found, we continue to send prayers for their safety, for their resilience, for what they represent to all young girls and women. It is the best we can all do to keep the issue alive, to continue to hold the Nigerian government accountable to girls, to the 200+ abducted Nigerian girls.

To see More of Sierra Leone's rally support in front of the justice court in Sierra Leone, visit HERE.