Fatou Wurie is a social justice advocate, passionate about gender equity and female leadership. She is an experienced grassroots organiser and advocate who has learned the art and science of community development firsthand in a range of cultures and settings from remote villages to the highest level of the United Nations. She is a respected international professional with an aptitude for innovation and joining the dots across generations, ideologies and sectors.

Fatou returned to her home country of Sierra Leone in 2011 and was part of the first set of development specialists at the forefront of the Ebola response. Working first through various channels simultaneously to bring ebola under control - including NGO, government and local networks and the United Nations system - she also founded  The Survivor Dream Program (SDP). This local, digital-driven NGO was established to address the yawning gap in access to quality psychosocial and health services for Sierra Leonean women and girls survivors of Ebola and Sexual Violence. As a Specialist in practical applications of design and technology in delivering services and programs, Fatou has led initiatives to improve human development outcomes in over 15 countries, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Her experience includes working with open government, multinational organizations, public health, financial inclusion and public-private management. She has designed information systems to improve adolescent girls’ and young women’s access to quality health care services in Sierra Leone, to address the lack of information on Menstrual Health and Hygiene in Palestine, in humanitarian settings she’s developed content and  technical systems for feedback and monitoring for accountability to affected populations (AAP) in Indonesia and she coordinates digital and social systems for more effective reporting on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by aid workers.

She is known as an engaging speaker, writer and active participant in the justice journey at multiple levels, working and writing, and is a formidable proponent for the promotion and protection of the rights of women and girls, and the participation of young people - with the vision, capacity and energy  to attract supporters from all corners.

Fatou’s work has been featured by Amnesty International,Ebola Deeply, National Geographic,Huffington Post, Open Society Foundation,St. Hilda’s Feminist Salon, Photoville Brooklyn Photography Festival and others. She is a contributor and curator of The Moth’s highly selective story compilation often placed on Best Seller lists. Fatou sits on the Rainbo Rape Crisis Center and is an Abshire-Inamori International Fellow.