Re-Introducing Faith in the 21st Century

Faith - God/Allah, submission to an entity and power bigger than self is an approach I subscribe to. Self-identifying as Muslim and woman, or rather, spiritual, African and woman I have not always encountered mainstream magazines or digital spaces that speak to my many identities and more importantly how I interpret and interact with F A I T H. I was raised to believe that my purpose on this earth was simple: to worship ALLAH through complete submission. My parents imparted the importance of humility and a faith in action attitude which simple means, believing when there is little reason to believe that there exists a higher force that sustains your time in this physical realm. I struggle with F A I T H, attempting to reconcile religious doctrine with my environment, my political beliefs, my sense of style and the type of woman I see myself to be.

It is with that I am glad to encounter beautifully produced digital magazines HELLO MAGNIFY & UMMMAH WIDE which I think many young Christian and Muslim women can relate to. The way issues of faith in action, faith in fashion, style, art, politics, and much more interplay in these visually striking platforms is refreshing and personally, identifiable.


FROM UMMAH-WIDE: Featuring VARIANT SPACE's founder Nasreen Shaik Jamal Al-Lai