Born in Bo Sierra Leone yet brought up in a global village, i've always being fascinated by people. What drives their fears and dreams, challenges and hopes. More importantly, what inspires their achievements and what hinders their potential. Being raised globally is one part of the story. The other half speaks to all the characteristics that make me 'other'; muslim, woman and African. I know about barriers, stereotypes and limitations. My obsession with people's stories, coupled with understanding barriers to opportunities that girls face, fuels my passion to tap into human potential. I am involved in spaces, products, initiatives and campaigns that work for equity by positively reshaping economic, social and political structures that are inflexible to our changing times or that act to limit the opportunities of groups of people. My work over time focuses on gender-equity, health, and diversity policy aimed at improving systems that govern people's lives. It is always about people, and i wouldn't have it any other way. 

You can catch my professional biography HERE.